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Eddie Mis


Eddie started in 1986 when he became the resident DJ at his hometown club, the Penguin. It was the first industrial-electronic-new wave club in Tel Aviv. At the same time, he began producing and performing electronic avant-garde music. In '88 he discovered acid house which opened his mind to dance beats and to the pychedelic acid house productions.

After performing as a DJ for several years, he began to release his own music worldwide in '93. It was well received and was hot on the German techno charts. At his parties, he introduced his new music which later became known as Israeli psychedelic trance, opening the gateway to a whole new genre. In '97, after several albums and compilations, Eddie received huge international success with his track "X-file".

As you can hear in his new music, Eddie's quest is to explore expanded possibilities and dimensions of musical expression.

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